Warehouse Inventories

Inventories are not just records that help to maintain records of the resources of a functional system. They are also the mark, which portrays the status and the overall performance of the respective system that will act as a lever for development. The main aim of warehouse inventories is to oil the administration process, resulting in frictionless movements in its day-to-day activities. This article highlights the functions of warehouse inventories.

What is a warehouse inventory?

Like all inventories, it is the record of all functional and non-functional activities and recourses in a warehouse that is a part of the warehouse administration.

There are a number of professional agencies that deliver exemplary services in this field using expert human resources and technology, which minimizes errors and contributes to the overall development of the warehouse productivity.

Let us check the main functions of the warehouse inventories.

· Auditing

· Analyzing

· Recording

· Reporting


Auditing is the first step of the inventory recording process. It consists of the following three fragments.

· Inspection

· Categorization

· Accounting


Inspection is the process by which an inventory specialist identifies the subject (the things that comes under an inventory) in a warehouse.


In categorization, the inventory experts classify subjects into different categories according to its function and importance.