Recipe Card Holder and Christmas Countdown Trays

Recipe Card Holder


Tin Tray
Red String (to hang)
Green String (for bow)
Patterned Paper
“Recipes” sticker letters or vinyl
Bottles Caps
1” Hole Punch
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Big Bite Crop-A-Dile or Drill
Recipe Cards


Cut holes into the tin tray. Tie the red string in the holes to hang the tray. Tie a bow out of the green string and glue to the corner of the tray. Apply “Recipes” to patterned paper and cut out, then glue it to the top of the tray. Use the 1” circle punch to punch out circles from your paper. Glue the circles into the bottle caps. Glue the bottle caps and buttons onto magnets. Use the magnets to hold your favorite holiday recipes as you’re cooking!

Christmas Countdown Tray


Tin Tray
Patterned Paper
25 Small Flat Backed Red Marbles
E6000 Glue
25 Small Magnets
White Paint Pen
“25 Days of Merry” Stickers or Vinyl


Cut the paper to fit the back of the tray. Glue down. Apply the “25 days of merry” to paper, cut out and glue to top of tray as header. Glue 25 red marbles to magnets. Let dry. Write numbers 1-25 on the magnets with the paint pen. Put the numbered magnets on the tray each day as a countdown to Christmas! You could also put small notes behind each magnet to read each day.

Wicked Weekend Giveaway


Happy Halloween! To celebrate we have a "Wicked" giveaway! We would like to give away two Cling Mounted Rubber Stamp Sets of The Magic of Oz by Hampton Art, six rolls of Glitter Ribbon by American Crafts, and one Doodlebug Plain and Simple Chipboard Album to one lucky winner!

To enter to win, you can...

1. Comment here with your email address in the comment so I can get in touch with you. Or if it is in your blogger profile, that is ok. Make sure to type it email(at)address(dot)com. Thank you.

2. Share our giveaway via Facebook by clicking "share" on our Facebook post, then come back here and tell us that you did.

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The winner will be picked via on October 29th, 2012!

*We ship in the US only thank you.

Christmas Burlap Frame


Undecorated Burlap Frame
Small Chipboard Frame (or cut your own frame out of a chipboard sheet)
Vinyl “Love” Saying
Patterned Paper
Binder Clip
Ribbon Strips
Burlap Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks


Trace the chipboard frame onto the patterned paper and cut out. Glue the paper onto the frame. Apply the vinyl onto a solid color paper and glue it onto the burlap frame. Glue the chipboard frame over the vinyl saying. Wrap the burlap frame around the base of the frame and glue to hold in place. Create the burlap flower with three 3” strips of the burlap ribbon. Pinch each strip in the middle and glue to give texture. Layer the strips on top of each other and glue in place. Glue the button over the middle of the flower. Glue a binder clip onto the burlap frame. Tie ribbon to the binder clip. Clip a photo and enjoy your project.

Halloween Candy Bar


Assorted Glass 

Candy (we used Sixlets) 
Candy Scoops 
Candy Bags


Apply the vinyl to your glass.
Fill with Candy.
Let your party guests fill a goodie bag at your next party!

Burlap Serving Tray

Designed and Created by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

Supply List:
16x20 barn wood frame

16x20 glass
foam board 16x20
piece of burlap 19x23
6 door pulls (two handled and four round)
Simple Instructions:
Wrap burlap around foam board and tape to the back side of the foam board.
Place glass into frame then add wrapped foam board and staple into the back of the frame.
Use E6000 glue to adheare on 2 handles on the top and the four on the bottom of the frame.